When we say our gifts have a heart we really mean it. All of the products that we sell are ethically sourced and lovingly handmade by artisans in South America, Africa and Asia, under fair trade conditions.

That means, when you choose to purchase from us, not only are you choosing quality craftsmanship and unique design, you are also choosing to help people in developing countries to earn a steady income and pursue their dreams!



Supporting others to realise and release their full potential is something Abi has been passionate about since her Dad took her to war torn Bosnia as a child. She saw first-hand, at a very young age, the injustices that can lead to a person never being able to fulfil all they are meant to be.

In her adult life, this experience has led her to working in the international charity sector and through various travels in East, West and Southern Africa, she has witnessed many highly skilled individuals creating beautiful things but struggling to earn the income they should due to difficult circumstances in their country or community. This is how the idea came about for At The Heart Of It.


Max is the brains behind the branding, web design and all the complicated technical aspects of running a business! Without him we wouldn’t have our beautiful, virtual ‘shop window’. He splits his time between his two businesses – session drumming (all remote during the pandemic, of course!) and website design.

Max is passionate about great design, quality products and helping businesses with authentic values to flourish!

Max and Abi got married on one of the hottest days of the year, in the summer of 2018 and live in leafy Buckinghamshire where they both grew up.

At The Heart Of It was founded in 2020, in order to provide a route to the market for artisan groups from developing countries to sell their wares and receive a fair wage and supportive working conditions in return.


We believe every individual deserves the opportunity to be invested in, enabling them to turn their own life around!


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All of the products we sell are lovingly handmade by highly skilled artisans from only the best quality materials.

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We only work with suppliers who have sustainability and fair trade at their heart, ensuring all creators are given a fair wage, equal opportunities and a positive working environment.

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The products we sell are made by creators based all over the world, bringing design inspiration and geographically unique materials which you won’t find on the high street.