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Image by Jean-Philippe Delberghe

We will only ever stock brands that operate under fair trade conditions and share our vision to invest in individuals so that they can transform their own lives.

We are proud to work with Just Trade, Voice International, Daughters Of The Ganges, Quazi Design and World Finds to bring you beautiful, handmade products and to support those living in some of the poorest countries in the world to provide for their families and pursue their dreams!

Below you can read about some of the talented artisans that lovingly handcraft the pieces on our website for you to wear and love!



Cristina works at the Hope Jewellery Project in Lima, Peru. This project provides fairly paid work for women living in the local shanty towns and cities.


The women who work there receive training in technique and design, giving them the confidence and skills to create their own products to an exceptional standard. Through the income they have earned through this project, the women have been able to improve their homes, pay for healthcare and give their children an education.



Fernando works at the MYA project, which provides a fair wage to artisans living in remote areas of Ecuador. The project focuses on empowering marginalised artisans to ensure a better future for their families through the making and selling of beautiful products.

The artisans at this project use sustainably sourced materials such as tagua, a type of nut found in the South American jungle, that can be formed, polished and dyed.



Selvi works at The Flowering Desert Project in India. The women who work here either live in a safe house on site or in the surrounding community, where work opportunities are limited.

The project provides a safe and supportive environment where free transport to work, counselling, healthcare and money management advice is given. Being part of this project means the women have the opportunity to increase their skills and future career prospects which gives them status in their community.



Fedy has worked at the Voice International headquarters in Kampala, Uganda since July 2017. Here she is not only provided with steady employment, but also the chance to express her creativity and dream big for the future!

“Since working for Voice life has changed. I am able to pay my bills without worry and start saving towards school fees for my boys. My dream is to continually learn & develop within my creativity with Voice. I want to empower others by teaching them the skills I have learnt, so they too can live sustainably. Through this, I dream to be able to buy my own land and develop it with local farming.”



Sofiya works at the World Finds jewellery cooperative in India. When Sofiya was young, she lived in an urban slum with her family of 6. Her father was forced to leave work due to health issues and the family moved when Sofiya was in 8th grade. After the move, she was unable to return to work and she helped care for her mother. Sofiya calls the moment she began work with the artisan group "a turning point" in her life. With her first pay cheque, she was able to help her family paint their home and install a water meter that brought tap water into their home for the first time.



Sibongile works at the Quazi Design jewellery studio in Eswatini. Since a young age Sibongile has loved working with her hands, knitting and crocheting, and therefore becoming production manager and head trainer at Quazi at the age of 44 was an easy transition. Having assisted Quazi grow she has a clear understanding that, in order for a business to be successful, products should be of high quality and in her own words “products should be made with love” proving in her own work that this is true. Most importantly Sibongile is profoundly aware that in order to achieve success personal happiness is essential. Her dream is to open a child day care centre.

Working for Quazi has enabled Sibongile to pay for her son to go to university in South Africa and she is raising her two daughters to have high hopes and dreams for their future.